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Our mission is to provide resources and expertise to help small and medium sized non-profits launch sustainable giving programs. Most small non-profits rely on a few in-person events each year to raise the money they need to carry out their missions.  The pandemic made in-person fundraising difficult or impossible, cutting off a vital lifeline that many small non-profits rely on. We saw a need to help those working to help others.

Our impact 

By connecting fundraisers to causes through influencer marketing and Impact Projects, our goal is to provide a national platform for local non-profits to connect to new donors who support their mission. The goal of an Impact Project is to localize a national issue, such as food security, a rare childhood disease, rent assistance, or small business support, by highlighting a small non-profit focused on addressing that issue in their community.


project Free Food Scholarships


project Cure the kids


Project Bill pay

Why It Matters

95% of all non-profits raise less than $1 million a year. Many small non-profits lack the resources to raise money beyond the local friends and family networks they rely upon for support. The Give Better Fund creates sustainable giving programs for local non-profits by connecting fundraisers to causes and non-profits with new donors.


The Problem

Small non-profits need help to raise money.

Our Impact

We create recurring giving campaigns for local non-profits.

How You Can Help

Donate to The Give Better Fund!

A sustainable solution

100% of your donation helps create new Impact Projects.

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