What is Give Better?

The Give Better Fund is a nonprofit that provides the resources and expertise to help small and medium sized nonprofits launch sustainable giving programs. We are not a do-it-yourself crowdfunding site and 100% of your donation goes towards supporting nonprofits. Our mission is to raise awareness and support for the local nonprofits making an impact in their community.

The Give Better Fund

Fundraising is a liability for most nonprofits. They often rely on a few fundraising events each year and struggle to find support beyond their local friends and family networks. The energy they spend searching for new donors, trying to raise awareness for their cause, or hoping a do-it-yourself campaign goes viral takes time and resources away from their core mission.

We launched The Give Better Fund to support charities we love. Our singular focus is giving. Our Impact Projects allow the nonprofits we support to focus on their missions instead of raising money. We provide our services for free and 100% of your donation goes towards supporting nonprofits. We aren't as big as the United Way or GoFundMe and we may not have an Impact Project for every great cause, but that won't stop us from trying to give better.

How does
give better work?

  • We create recurring giving campaigns for charities we love.
  • Our Creators raise awareness for causes they love.
  • Donors invest in projects making an impact in their community.
Support Our Impact Projects

What are Impact Projects?

Impact Projects are recurring giving campaigns - like charitable subscriptions. The goal is to localize a national issue, such as food security, a rare childhood disease, or rent assistance, by highlighting a small nonprofit focused on addressing that issue in their community.

Who are Impact Creators?

Impact Creators are influential voices who raise awareness about Impact Projects and causes they support. The goal is to provide a national platform for local nonprofits to connect to new donors who support their mission.

Who are Impact Investors?

Impact Investors are donors who invest in projects making an impact in their community. The goal is to make charitable giving a long term investment.


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